Zonal Spatial Plan for the Peri-urban Area of Bistriţa

Plan de Amenajare a Teritoriului Zonal – PATZ – Periurbanul Municipiului Bistriţa [Zonal Spatial Plan for the Peri-urban Area of Bistriţa]

Period: 2005
Beneficiary: Ministry of Transport, Construction and Tourism
Project Manager: Professor Pompei Cocean

The introspections meant to examine the “status” of a territory in order to elaborate the sustainable development strategy have different degrees of complexity, in close correlation to the size of the spatial entity under analysis (region, area, site) and to the diversity of levels that interact. The planning study, here applied to a special territorial structure, however, extremely widespread and characteristic known as peri-urban area, aims to emphasize the development potential of the respective area, no matter of its location (in this case, the peri-urban area of the Municipality of Bistriţa), indispensably taking into account, as a sine qua non condition, the current status, together with the emphasis of the existing dysfunctions. The importance and viability of this study is concentrated in the accuracy of highlighting the structure and functions of the peri-urban territorial system, of elaborating those sectoral development strategies able to activate the entire potential of the area and to transform it in a competitive player on the regional, national or international market, in an as short time as possible.

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