Executive Board and Scientific Council of the Centre for Regional Geography


Dr. Raularian RUSU, Associate Professor

Geographical Space Organisation; Territorial Planning; Cross-border Regions; Regional Geography; Historical Geography; Geography of Settlements; Integrated Spatial Planning; Urban Geography; Regional and Local Development Policies and Strategies; Tourism Planning; Territorial Infrastructures; Regional Geography of Romania

Dr. Pompei COCEAN, Professor

Dr. Pompei COCEAN, Professor

Honorary Director, Founder of the Centre for Regional Geography

Regional Geography; Territorial Planning; Geography of Tourism; Karstology

Dr. Titus Cristian MAN, Associate Professor

GIS; Digital Mapping; Remote Sensing; Mobility

Dr. Ana-Maria POP, Research Fellow

Dr. Ana-Maria POP, Research Fellow

Science Events Officer

Regional Geography; Territorial Planning; Territorial Governance

Dr. Lelia PAPP, Lecturer

Regional Geography; Territorial Planning; Local and Regional Development; Research Methodology in Regional Geography

Full Members


Dr. József BENEDEK, Professor and Academician

Territorial Planning (geographer and urban planner); Regional Development

Dr. Nicoleta DAVID, Lecturer

Regional Geography; Territorial Planning and Development; Marginalized Regions; Less-Favoured Regions; Cultural Landscapes

Dr. Sorin FILIP, Associate Professor

Regional Geography; Territorial Planning

Dr. Gheorghe-Gavrilă HOGNOGI, Lecturer

GIS; Regional Geography; Territorial Planning

Dr. Gabriela ILIEŞ, Associate Professor

Geography of Tourism; Applied Geography; Tourism Prospecting; Geography of Maramureş; Tourism Mapping

Dr. Marin ILIEŞ, Associate Professor

Geography of Tourism;  Research Methodology in Tourism and Regional Geography; Map Design and Tourism Mapping; Tourism Planning; Tourism Branding; Tourism Operations; Research and Development Project Management

Dr. Sandu-Ciprian MOLDOVAN, Lecturer

Urban Planning; Spatial Planning; Local and Regional Development; GIS; Digital Mapping; Remote Sensing

Dr. Ibolya TÖRÖK, Associate Professor

Territorial Disparities; Quantitative Analyses; Techniques of Social Investigation; Territorial Planning; Development of Peripheries

Dr. Iuliu VESCAN, Associate Professor

Strategic Environmental Assessment; Local and Regional Environmental Strategies; Regional Planning and Development

Dr. Cristina Florina VÎRTAN

Dr. Cristina Florina VÎRTAN

Postdoctoral Researcher

Climatology; Hydrology; GIS; Remote Sensing

Elena-Manuela BÎRSĂNUC

GIS; Geostatistics; Remote Sensing; Spatial Analysis; Feminist Geography



PhD student

Regional Geography; Spatial Planning and Territorial Development



PhD student

Spatial Planning; GIS; Natural Hazards and Risks

Cosmina-Daniela URSU

Cosmina-Daniela URSU

PhD student

Regional development; GIS; Spatial Planning

Associate Members


Dr. Alexandra-Camelia MARIAN-POTRA, Research Assistant

Regional Geography; Territorial Planning; GIS; Digital Mapping; Topography

Dr. Júlia NAGY

Urban Policy; Urban Sustainability; Metropolitan Governance; City Marketing

Dr. Smaranda SPÂNU

Dr. Smaranda SPÂNU

Architect Designer

Architecture and Urban Planning; Restoration/Conservation of Built Heritage; Heritage Management, Valuation and Valorisation; Sustainable Architecture Design and Urban Planning; Spatial Planning


Junior Front-End Developer