Economic and Social Development Strategy for Tăşnad Microregion

Strategie de dezvoltare economico-socială a microregiunii Tăşnad [Economic and Social Development Strategy for Tăşnad Microregion]

Period: 2003
Beneficiary: Tăşnad Mayor’s Office
Project Manager: Professor Pompei Cocean

The specialists of the Faculty of Geography, with a good knowledge of the territory including all its natural or anthropogenic elements, targeted to highlight those resources and peculiarities of the territory under analysis that can support its current and future development and can provide opportunities in the permanent competition with its neighbouring territories. As a result, the inventory of the soil and underground natural resources, as a fundamental premise of any development, is closely related with the analysis of the human resources in the microregion, the human factor being the driving factor directly involved in the management of the former. The human being produces by itself for itself and, therefore, a harmonious interrelation between its possibilities and its desiderata is highly required. Another aspect of the strategy is the focus on the technical infrastructure of the territory (access roads, power supply, water supply and sanitation, gas supply, etc.) for it ensures the force lines for the concentration and dispersion of energy, goods and means in any territorial system. Without them, the optimal functioning of the territorial system is impossible. In addition, the technical infrastructure reflects itself in a versatile manner, both in the economic and especially in the social field, where it defines certain quality standards, mandatory for the current civilization.

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