Economic and Social Development Strategy for the Commune of Sărmăşag, Sălaj County

Strategia de Dezvoltare Economico-Socială a Comunei Sărmăşag (Judeţul Sălaj) [Economic and Social Development Strategy for the Commune of Sărmăşag – Sălaj County]

Period: 2008
Beneficiary: Sărmăşag Mayor’s Office
Project Manager: Professor Pompei Cocean

The commune of Sărmăşag falls into the category of micro-scale territorial units, characterized by certain specific elements that make it special in the investigator’s option. Thus, it benefits from an excellent geographical location, about 30 km from the main surrounding urban centres (Zalǎu, Şimleul Silvaniei, Tǎşnad), a favourable feature in terms of spatial interrelations. Unfortunately, this location is ignored by the local development strategists. The above-mentioned locality should have become a polarising centre, ranking lower than the urban centres, but with doubtless supra-communal influence.

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