How “Green” Is Mobility in Romania?

How “Green” Is Mobility in Romania?

The guest of the February edition of CGR Meetings is Radu Mititean, lawyer, Executive Director of “Napoca” Cycling Club and President of the Romanian Cyclists’ Federation. With a pioneering role in all that means the Romanian cycling activity, Radu Mititean, along with other colleagues from the two mentioned NGOs, is a tireless activist for the improvement of the circulation and safety conditions for cyclists. He promotes the bicycle as a means of increasing the quality of life, but also as a tool for educating civil society on the use of a sustainable means of transport.

The topic for debate is among the attempts to normalize and formalize a national network of marked routes for pedestrian and cycling tourism. At present, Romania is the only European state that risks being excluded from the EuroVelo and EuroRando European networks.

The event will take place on Wednesday, 5 February 2020, at 17.30, at the headquarters of the Centre for Regional Geography.

“Napoca” Cycling Club
Romanian Cyclists’ Federation 
The Romanian Cyclists’ Federation announces the rules for cycling tourist routes ( 


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