From a Sustainable Management of the Built Heritage to Regional Development

From a Sustainable Management of the Built Heritage to Regional Development

Dr. Szabolcs István Guttmann, Architect, Vice-President of the Order of the Romanian Architects, Transylvania Branch, and expert for the Ministry of Culture on the protection of monuments and historical sites is the guest at the first edition of this year’s CGR Meetings.

In a reunited Europe, the re-evaluation of the local specificity and traditions is promoted through a consistent policy of multi-ethnic and multi-faith tolerance, given the positive discrimination of the minority phenomenon and the promotion of unique cultural confluences. Freedom of action, in this sense, is guaranteed by a democratic government and a public administration, hierarchized at national, regional and local level. However, we can see that the built environment is developing chaotically, more and more rural localities have been mutilated in the last 30 years, and cities and metropolitan areas fail to set a credible example for the region in terms of development strategies that put to the fore the specificity of the inherited place.

In this fragile context, it is opportune for the academia to become a real and professional compass for contemporaneity. It is not enough to offer only theories for students. If this exercise also includes highlighting local roots, the germ of local specificity will also generate a contemporary creative local spirit. Only in this way can we rehabilitate ourselves mentally and professionally, and through this attitude we can be representative, with a catalytic effect for the region as well.

The webinar will take place on 28 January 2021, at 4.00 p.m., via Zoom platform:
Meeting ID: 842 4208 5695
Passcode: BD0c62



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