Development Strategy for the Commune of Aiton

Strategia de Dezvoltare a Comunei Aiton [Development Strategy for the Commune of Aiton]

Period: 2013
Beneficiary: Aiton Mayor’s Office
Project Manager: Professor Pompei Cocean

Commune of Aiton is an excellent example of bipolar rural system, consisting of two neighbouring settlements, Aiton and Rediu, with a relatively close economic and social potential. The binary structure was formed on a unique natural substratum, with an array of facilities, but also with numerous restrictions that stand out especially in times of economic mutations, the present one being relevant in this regard. The relative isolation in relation to the polarizing structures of the regional territory and the natural resources focused only on the fertility of the agricultural land pose some obstacles to the elaboration of a short, medium and long-term development strategy, putting to test both the skill and the vision of the territorial analyst. They offer instead the stimulating occasion to innovate in the field, to make fertile correlations and inter-conditionings between the geographical and social factors, to highlight the latent resources of the respective territory, and to identify the opportunities generated by the spatial context in which the microsystem of Aiton evolves.

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