Practical training in the Land of Maramureş, 15-19 April 2019

Practical training in the Land of Maramureş, 15-19 April 2019

The Centre for Regional Geography organizes a practical training in the Land of Maramureş aimed at the students of the Faculty of Geography at all academic levels and study lines, regardless of their specialization. Its purpose is to train students to apply their acquired basics and specialist knowledge, familiarize them with certain research methods and techniques and support them in developing new skills.

The theme of the practical training is focused on capturing some facets of multiculturalism in a territory with visible materializations of cohabitation and interference of several ethnic groups. Each of the five themes proposed launches a challenge but also emphasizes a specific trait: 1. Valorization of the Vernacular Heritage. Case study: the Village of Iapa, Sighetu Marmaţiei; 2. Valorization of the Ukrainian Gastronomy. Case study: Cornet Boarding House, Rona de Sus; 3. From Pre-Christian Symbols to Brand. Case study:  Bârsana; 4. Development of a Thematic Cultural Route. Case study: the Merry Cemetery in Săpânţa; 5. The Cabbage Festival – an Event to Valorise an Agricultural Product. Case study: Câmpulung la Tisa.

The field research will take place between the 15th and the 19th of April 2019.

Students’ Training in Maramureş (Graiul Maramureşului)



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