Lecture on Competitivness in the EU

Lecture on Competitivness in the EU, 17-18 April 2011, Cluj-Napoca

In April 2011, the Centre for Regional Geography hosted the visit of Mr Gilles Ardinat, PhD candidate at Paul Valéry University of Montpellier and author of a PhD thesis on competitiveness Géographie de la compétitivité. Mesures, représentation et gouvernance de la performance économique des nations dans la mondialisation [Geography of Competitiveness. Measures, Representation and Governance of the Nations’ Economic Performance in the Context of Globalization], under the supervision of Professor Jean-Marie Miossec. Mr Ardinat delivered two lectures to the students of the Faculty of Geography – La France est-elle compétitive? [Is France a competitive country?] and L’organisation territoriale de la France [Territorial Organization of France], with a positive feedback received from the students.

Ardinat Gilles (2012), Comprendre la mondialisation en 10 leçons, Editions Ellipses, Paris, 192 p.

Ardinat Gilles (2013), Géographie de la compétitivité, Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, 244 p.

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