PLANIFICARE TERITORIALĂ: DE LA TEORIE LA PRACTICĂ. STUDII DE CAZ DIN ŢARA MARAMUREŞULUI [Territorial Planning: from Theory to Practice. Case Studies from the Land of Maramureş]

Coordinators: Gheorghe-Gavrilă Hognogi, Ana-Maria Pop, Lelia Papp, Ibolya Török, Alexandra-Camelia Potra, Simona Mălăescu, Cristian-Emanuel Adorean, Cosmina-Daniela Ursu
Publisher: Presa Universitară Clujeană
Publication date: 2020
Description: 137 p., B5, 40 ill., 86 bibliographic titles
eISBN 978-606-37-0808-4   DESCARCĂ E-BOOK  

The book contains the results of five small-scale projects carried out by the students of the Faculty of Geography during the practical training coordinated by the Centre for Regional Geography. The theme of the third edition, held this time in the Land of Maramureş, between 13 March and 23 May 2019, was focused on capturing some facets of multiculturalism in a territory with visible materializations of cohabitation and interference of several ethnic groups. The studies included in the book follow the pattern of territorial planning studies and can easily become supporting materials for research, prospects in the strategic planning process for the local development actors involved or even different views on how to perceive the reality of certain local communities.