The Centre for Regional Geography, established in 2003, aims at tackling contemporary scientific issues of the geographical field such as sustainable local and regional development, territorial cohesion and spatial planning.


The main research objectives are:

1) To elaborate specialized studies that address the current societal needs in terms of local and regional development:

  • assessment of natural and human potential of various geographical units and subunits;
  • elaboration of spatial development strategies at different scales and complexity levels (local, microregional, zonal, cross-border, regional, transnational);
  • elaboration of microregional and zonal spatial plans;
  • analysis of territorial disparities;
  • analysis of areas, nodes and axes of spatial gravity;
  • analysis of geographical mental spaces;
  • analysis of cultural landscapes.

2) To train specialists (researchers, Master’s and doctoral students) in the research of regional phenomena by engaging them in the genuine research activity.

The main research topics are:
1) elaboration of spatial plans, from microscale to macrosystem level (zonal spatial plans, inter-city spatial plans, inter-county spatial plans, county spatial plans, regional spatial plans), from local, zonal and inter-regional to cross-border and European planning studies;
2) elaboration of development strategies for various territorial levels;
3) regional analysis of “ţară” and “ţinut” type of territorial units;
4) analysis of cultural landscapes..