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12 June 2019
“Geographia Napocensis” Anniversary Conference, 3-6 October 2019, Cluj-Napoca

11 June 2019
“Errors in Formulating Regional Development Strategies”. Presented by: Lecturer Radu Cocean, Ph.D.

31 May 2019
“Negotiation of Normality – the Symbiosis between Urban Planning and Civic Involvement”. Presented by: Eugen Pănescu, Architect and urban planner

30 May 2019
Study on the Inventory, Assessment and Prioritization of Tourism Resources in the North-West Region

8 April 2019
“Why is Spatial Planning Important?”. Presented by Marcel Ionescu-Heroiu, Senior Urban Development Specialist at the World Bank

21 March 2019
“Magnet Cities. Migration and Commuting in Romania”. Presented by Dr. Marius Cristea

13 March 2019
Practical Training in the Land of Maramureş, 15-19 April 2019

22 February 2019
CGR partner in the project CREATONVIL/17-AUF

20 February 2019
“Intelligent Territories”. Presented by Claudiu-Daniel Salanţă, Architect

5 February 2019
Europa. Exerciţii de analiză geografică integrată [Europe. Exercises of Integrated Geographical Analysis] (e-book)

30 January 2019
“Urban Planning Landmarks of Cluj-Napoca”. Presented by Ionel Vitoc, Architect

7 December 2018
“Urban Mobility in Cluj-Napoca”. Presented by Assoc. Prof. Norbert Petrovici, Ph.D.

23 July 2018
Depopularea spaţiilor rurale montane. Munţii Poiana Ruscă. Ghid de recomandări [Depopulation in Mountain Rural Areas. The Poiana Ruscă Mountains. Recommendation Guidebook] (e-book)

6 March 2018
Ţinutul Ciceului – analiză regională [The District of Ciceu – Regional Analysis] (e-book)

18 November 2017
Planificare teritorială: de la teorie la practică. Studii de caz din Ţinutul Ciceului şi Ţara Năsăudului (e-book)

20 Octomber 2017
Newsletter no. 3 DISRUR

23 July 2017
Newsletter no. 2 DISRUR

26 July 2017
Depopularea Munţilor Poiana Ruscă, National Geographic România [online]
Post-communist demographic changes in Romanian mountain communities. Case study: the Poiana Ruscă Mountains

12 May 2017
Brochure-Practical Training in the District of Ciceu and the Land of Haţeg

17 March 2017
Practical Training in the District of Ciceu and the Land of Haţeg

1 March 2017
Ţara Haţegului. Studiu de Geografie Regională (e-book)