EUROPA. EXERCIŢII DE ANALIZĂ GEOGRAFICĂ INTEGRATĂ [Europe. Exercises of Integrated Geographical Analysis]

Author: Gheorghe-Gavrilă Hognogi
Publication date: 2019
Description: 58 p., 44 figures, 36 tables and charts, 18 bibliographic titles
Publisher: Risoprint, Cluj-Napoca
ISBN 978-973-53-2290-8
Publisher: Presa Universitară Clujeană, Cluj-Napoca
eISBN 978-606-37-0510-6  DOWNLOAD E-BOOK

This is a book with a structure proposed to be able to provide, in a synthetic manner, answers to questions about the evolution of the European continent in all three temporal dimensions: past, present and especially future. The necessity of providing these answers by the Romanian academia is justified, firstly, by the location of Romania in Europe and not on another continent and, secondly, by the fact that we appreciate the understanding of the framework immediately outside the national level as a natural approach, in the context of the dynamics of the information flow, from which it is difficult to differentiate the correct information from the intentionally flawed one, and not only. The three chapters attempt to portray the “success story” of a continent from three different geographical perspectives: 1. Boundaries; 2. Relief. Evolution and Implications in the Continent’s Economy; 3. Characteristics of Climate and Water Resources. In order to acquire a complete geographical picture of the continent, similar analyses from other five perspectives are highly required: 4. Bio-pedological Features; 5. Demographic Issues; 6. European Economic Patterns; 7. Historical Heritage (elements of cultural heritage); 8. Current and Future Challenges (geopolitical issues).